I Haven’t Updated My Website In A While

But not because I haven’t been working on anything. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’ve been too busy to add updates!

That changes today. Over the next several hours I’ll be adding two (and one half) new compositions, two (and one half) new arrangements, and a whole bunch of revisions. The arrangements are fairly elaborate, and the revisions are in some cases complete overhauls. Midi mp3s will be added along with newly engraved scores, which are pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself. (I guess working as a professional engraver has had its uses.)

As for the two new pieces, I’ll be adding those last so they’ll sit at the top of the page. They turned out pretty well, I think: a little song cycle and a bigger instrumental piece. After I complete my work on the website I’ll be getting started on a new pocket symphony, my sixth, Symphony for Sol LeWitt. I am so excited you guys!

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