New Work: Lightning Field

A loose sequel to, you guessed it, Spiral Jetty. Which I’m not linking to because except for some awesome drum stuff I’m not happy with it. Still trying to figure out what to do with that monster.

Anyway, Lightning Field is a thirty minute mini-epic for piano, bass, and drums composed for the new group BEARTHOVEN, which will rule you. I know this because it includes my buddies Karl Larson, Pat Swoboda, and Matt Evans, and those guys be dope, every one.¬†They’re going to record it in a few months if all goes to plan. I’m allowing myself to be a little excited. Should be fun for all ages.

Land art is cool. Maybe I’ll do “Roden Crater” next? Some Michael Heizer thing? “City” seems too generic though. Will have to put some thought into it. Oh, don’t pretend you haven’t already, Eric. Way too much thought…

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