New Work: Plastic Robbins Band

Michael Robbins, y’all. Love him or hate him. I happen to love him. Except when I don’t. Like everything else in life. Some of the ones I love most I’ve set to music. The piece is Plastic Robbins Band. Soprano and string quartet. Ima try and get this one performed. It’s a lot of fun. Quarter tone pop for the people.

Also while we’re at it I just did a new revised version of Little Kingdoms, my first real grown-up piece. There’s an actual recording of actual players on that page! What! Not of the new version, though. Not yet. I have a lead though. Anyway all I did was return the piece to its original three movement form (the three good movements of the withdrawn After the Quake’s six), added phrasing and slurs, changed the instrumentation from saxophones and clarinets to just three clarinets, and re-engraved the thing. I think it’s nice now! This is where it all began. So…many…eighth notes….

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