New Recording: Violin Sonata

And here’s a recording of the world premiere of my Violin Sonata by Rachel Lee Priday (violin) and David Kaplan (piano), from a concert of music for violin and piano that took place at Subculture on February 6th, 2015 under the auspices of a MATA Intervals concert! They did such a great job with a really difficult piece.

A blog said this about the sonata: “Kaplan described Eric Shanfield’s Violin Sonata as “disorienting,” and its clipped phrases, artfully assembled into a parade of stuttering rhythms, seemed plucked from a sheaf of sonatas from the 19th century.” These words, though appearing on the internet, are not incorrect.

1. Con moto
2. Meno mosso

If you liked that and want to hear a sort-of-the-same, sort-of-completely-different version for soprano saxophone and piano, then head to Minot, North Dakota, where Jim Fusik and Karl Larson will be premiering Not A Violin Sonata in March.

And if you liked that and want to hear my artful Violin Sonata in its original version performed by its dedicatees, Sarah Goldfeather and Timo Andres, stay tuned. There will be a concert in the fall, sometime, somewhere: exact details are existentially unknowable at the moment…

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