ENS.2007.7r | 5.27.07-6.1.07, this version 3.28.11 | 6’
Soprano, 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Midi Rendition of Andalusia (2)
Midi Rendition of Andalusia (5)
Midi Rendition of Andalusia (3)

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  1. Andalusia (2)
  2. Andalusia (5)
  3. Andalusia (3)

This is the second version of a work originally composed for the outlandish combination of flute, contrabassoon, brass quartet, viola and cello; it seemed like a good idea to make a version that might actually one day be performed. It is a setting of John Yau’s poem “Andalusia”—well, a setting of three parts, anyway (there are eight in total, of which five were set in the previous version). I have virtually nothing to say about the piece itself except that I hope its lack of seriousness and utter dearth of compositional profundity are taken as virtues as much as vices. In any case, it’s short.