Reasons To Live

ENS.075 | 1.5.07-1.16.07 | 15’
Soprano, Harpsichord

Midi Rendition of “In a Tub”
Midi Rendition of “In the Animal Shelter”
Midi Rendition of “Memoir”
Midi Rendition of “Weekend”

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Reasons To Live
Texts by Amy Hempel from “Collected Stories”

  1. In a Tub
  2. In the Animal Shelter
  3. Memoir
  4. Weekend

It was in 2007 I became obsessed with Sondheim, and in Reasons To Live I wanted to apply some of his sophisticated musical-theater gestures to my own approach to setting text. As in About Grace, I regularized the rhythms of prose, in this case entire short (very short!) stories by that master of the form, Amy Hempel. Today these stories can be found in her Collected Stories, which I urge you to seek out. The final song, Weekend, concludes with a berceuse in tribute to Samuel Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915, which first got me thinking about interesting and beautiful ways to set unmetered prose.