Three Songs of Saul Wheeler

ENS.066 | 9.5.06-9.18.06 | 7’
Countertenor or Soprano, 3 Cellos

Midi Rendition of “Archived Rain”
Midi Rendition of “Arguile”
Midi Rendition of “Anger Inaction”

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Three Songs of Saul Wheeler
Texts by Saul Wheeler

  1. Archived Rain
  2. Arguile
  3. Anger Inaction

My friend Saul and I had not worked together in some time, but over the past several years he had sent me various poems and things he had written for fun, and I chose three of these to set as a kind of gift to him. I chose a countertenor to emphasize the oddity of the lyrics, accompanied originally by two cellos, expanded to three and embellished when the parts proved too dense. When I asked him for titles he came up with the three you see. I have no idea what relation they have to the texts. Probably none. I’m not even sure “arguile” is a word, though you must have a lot of guile to wear argyle.