Vanishing Points

ENS.2012.6 | 9.20.12-9.22.12 | 6’
Alto or Mezzo-Soprano, Euphonium, Percussion, Cello

Midi Rendition of “1. There’s a moment when the body”
Midi Rendition of “2. Sleep subtracts much from life.”
Midi Rendition of “3. This rain of ashes”
Midi Rendition of “4. To write as if this”
Midi Rendition of “5. I should like, one day,”
Midi Rendition of “6. You stand on a pier”

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Vanishing Points
Poems by Valerio Magrelli
Translated by Jamie McKendrick

  1. There’s a moment when the body
  2. Sleep subtracts much from life.
  3. This rain of ashes
  4. To write as if this
  5. I should like, one day,
  6. You stand on a pier