What Is Amazing

ENS.2013.10 | 12.26.13 | 6’
Soprano, Tuba, 2 Violins or Soprano, 2 Violins, Bass

Midi Rendition of 1.
Midi Rendition of 2.
Midi Rendition of 3.
Midi Rendition of 4.

Download PDF of Score


This is my second Heather Christle setting, and like its predecessor The Grave Was Too Small So We Had To Take the Horse Out it features a soprano paired with the lyrical sounds of a violin—two violins instead of two sopranos, this time. And I threw in a tuba too, because why not. (Or a bass. Whatever.)

There are four songs, each using different combinations of the same simple musical material. I wanted the setting to be as straightforward and melodic as possible, allowing Christle’s odd and magical poem to take center stage.

What Is Amazing was written on Boxing Day 2013 with pencil on paper in the old-fashioned way and lasts about six minutes.