ENS.077 | 3.24.07 | 7’
Soprano, Alto Clarinet, Bb Trumpet, Viola

Midi Rendition of “1. Tigers”
Midi Rendition of “2. Pure”
Midi Rendition of “3. Concrete”
Midi Rendition of “4. Flood”
Midi Rendition of “5. October”
Midi Rendition of “6. Winter”
Midi Rendition of “7. Beyond the Solace of a Devastated Landscape”
Midi Rendition of “8. Foreign Correspondence”

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Poems by Eliza Griswold from “Wideawake Field”

  1. Tigers
  2. Pure
  3. Concrete
  4. Flood
  5. October
  6. Winter
  7. Beyond the Solace of a Devastated Landscape
  8. Foreign Correspondence

Wideawake. A place in wartime: Wideawake Field. Poems by Eliza Griswold, a foreign correspondent. Eight short lyrics, mostly in unison. Alto clarinet, trumpet, and viola, because why not. One from each family. A soprano above. My first “cellular song cycle,” with apologies to Sondheim in particular. A day’s work, wide awake.