Observations is an ongoing project. New chapters are posted on the main page and collected together here. Eventually when complete the entire work will be revised and concatenated into a giant thing. An introduction to just what the heck is going on can be found here.

Predella and Poems 2003-2010 represent the heavily revised and rewritten distillation of 50 individual works and something like 3000 pages of text composed over fifteen years (!) into two approximately 100 page manuscripts. Earlier versions of each work have been withdrawn, although selected excerpts can be found in the archive below, which also preserves their original numeration and organization. Many of these excerpts represent passages that are not found elsewhere, even when the eponymous work is represented in one of the main volumes above. Both books may be read in their entirety and downloaded (but not printed); in their current form I hope to perhaps eventually find a publisher for Predella at least.

Archive – Works & Excerpts