Utopia Parkway

ENS.2012.4r | 6.10.12-6.12.12; 7.20.13 | 6’
Solo Piano

Midi Rendition of Utopia Parkway

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Utopia Parkway (For Joseph Cornell)

For most of his life Joseph Cornell lived with his mother in a little house on Utopia Parkway, Queens, and in his garage he quietly made some of the most extraordinary little assemblages art has ever seen. This piece began life as a setting of a poem by Charles Simic, and when I transformed it into a piece for solo piano I was reminded of Simic’s Dime-Store Alchemy, a poetic exploration of Cornell’s life and work. Moreover, as Utopia Parkway is constructed from small musical boxes endlessly superimposed, I decided to pay tribute to Cornell, an artist whose work has so inspired me over the years, with this little piece.