Violin Sonata

ENS.2014.3 | 10.17-20.14 | 10’
Violin, Piano

Midi Rendition of I. Con moto
Midi Rendition of II. Meno mosso

Download PDF of Score and Violin Part

Violin Sonata

  1. I. Con moto
  2. II. Meno mosso

Violin Sonata. An abstract title for an abstract work. That is not to say it is without narrative or lacking conceptual baggage, but I prefer to think of my Violin Sonata in the Brahmsian or Stravinskian tradition of material molded and shaped to fit a theoretical, even philosophical musical design.

This sonata deals with two questions. First, the fragmentation and reconstruction of vaguely classical material. What does it mean to write a Violin Sonata in this day and age? What did it ever mean? Who cares? And second, what is the relationship between the two movements? How are they similar and how are they different and to what extent do their similarities and differences ultimately matter?

My Violin Sonata was written for Sarah Goldfeather and Timo Andres in October 2014 and lasts about ten minutes.