Complete Works by Instrumentation





Sonata for Cello and Piano (Six Debussy Sonatas)

Sonata for Violin and Piano (Six Debussy Sonatas)

Upside Dances

Utopia Parkway

Violin Sonata


Chamber Music (3-6 Players)


Clarinet Quintet

Clarinet Trio (Three Brahms Trios)

Cup and Saucer in the Path of a Mechanical Insect


Horn Trio (Three Brahms Trios)

Lightning Field

Little Kingdoms

Oboe Quartet (Mystic Chords of Memory)

Piano Quartet (Mystic Chords of Memory)

Piano Quintet

Piano Trio (Three Brahms Trios)

Sad Little Breathing Machine

Seascape, with frieze of girls


Sonata for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, and Piano (Six Debussy Sonatas)

Sonata for Oboe, Horn, and Harpsichord (Six Debussy Sonatas)

Spiral Jetty

String Trio (Mystic Chords of Memory)


Untitled (Sand Fountain)

The Vile Rainbow


Large Ensemble (7+ Players)


Arctic Symphony

From the Realm of Morpheus

In the Realms of the Unreal

Les Règles ont déjà pensé à tout



Symphony for Ammi Phillips

Symphony for Steven Millhauser

Symphony for Susan Logoreci


Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra/Concert Band


Campo Santo



Scenes from Deep Time

Sechs Kleine Orchesterstücke (Arnold Schoenberg, orch. Eric Shanfield)

Sonata for Various Instruments (Six Debussy Sonatas)


Voice & Piano


Borrowed Love Songs

The Dong with a Luminous Nose (4-Hands)

Ice Age

Inflatable World

Mike Tyson Will Eat Your Children

Off the Deep End

Reasons to Live


She Walks in Beauty

While the World Shall Last


Voice & Solo Instrument


Body Through Which the Dream Flows

Cycle of Dust

Divide These

En Route

Mike Tyson Will Eat Your Children (Violin Version)


Scenes from the Life of Boullée, Book 1

The Mouth Harness

The Ten-Year-Old World

Two Songs of Saul Wheeler


Voice and Small Ensemble (4-6 Players)


About Grace

The Admonitory Hippopotamus


Casper Hauser Songs

The Death of Sir John Franklin

Dr. Farnsworth, a Chiropodist, Lived in Ohio, Where He Wrote Only the First Lines of Poems


Fuck the Astronauts (Sextet Version)

Girls on the Run

In Part

Late Sun

The Method She Employs Against That Which Cannot Be Seen

Off the Deep End (Pierrot Version)

Ooga Booga

Plastic Robbins Band



Sky god girl

Use Your Illusion


Voice & Large Ensemble (7+ Players)



Dear Man on Fire,

Fuck the Astronauts (Nonet Version)

If Not, Winter


Very Black Sonnets


Voice & Orchestra


Book of Hours

Hermit Songs (Samuel Barber, orch. Eric Shanfield)


Chorus/Chorus & Instruments/Voices & Instruments


Sea-Change, or, The Tempest in a Teacup

Symphony for Richard Serra

Tennyson Songbook

Three Lullabies for Trakl

Toward No Earthly Pole