Little Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6

ENS.2021.3 | 16′ + NA’
Classical Orchestra:

Little Symphony No. 5: Score

Little Symphony No. 6: Score

Little Symphony No. 5

I. Winter Palace

II. Dark Forest

III. Fairy Tale

IV. Ghost Variations

Little Symphony No. 6

In Progress

Little Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6

My third pair of miniature symphonies for classical orchestra begins with Little Symphony No. 5, a kind of fantasia on dark romantic images, which seemed appropriate for a tragic fifth. The opening Winter Palace paints a picture of an imagined Romanov ball, glittering and cruel, filled alike with nobles, oddities, and miseries. Dark Forest follows, a stroll through the Vienna Woods as afternoon light slowly fades into shadow, dusky hunting horns sounding in the distance. Next, instead of a conventional, sprightly scherzo, Fairy Tale explores the darker side of Grimm: wolves, child-stuffed ovens, and red-hot iron shoes. Finally, Ghost Variations whispers rondo-variations from a world beyond, a spooky Victorian séance attended both by spiritualists and rationalist debunkers haunting the spectral conclusion of Little Symphony No. 5.